\\\\So Young, So Brazen, So Unholy.......

None of those things really describes me, but hey! It got your attention and now you are reading all about me, lucky you. Growing up in a little town with a huge high school made it easy to be an 'arsty' outcast. The only things i were good at in both high school and my early college years were math and art. Imagine my excitement when i arrived at the doorstep of Savannah College of Art and Design and they told me there was a career path that blends exactly those things!​

Though I graduated in '05 with a degree in computer arts and was trained as a generalist, I chose to pursue my focus of rigging, keeping my technically inclined left brain happy, while occasionally branching out and brushing up on the more artistic side of cg. 

I started at Zoic studios in '07 as an intern and within two years was handling all rigging work for the entire studio. I now hold the title of  Lead Character TD where I ninja all things rigging and help develop the pipeline. I also double as a generalist branching out to all departments (features, games, episodics, and commercials)  ​doing everything from VRay lighting and rendering to shading to modeling to sometimes tracking (ok... rarely tracking)


My ultimate goal is to become a CG supervisor, utilizing not only a maximized knowledge of the 3d vfx pipeline, but also the management skills I honed in the restaraunt industry years ago.


I am always trying to keep up with the latest plugins, learning new tricks, tools, and training, and I make an honest effort to help everyone around me as well as learn from them. If you are a them, drop me a line and hopefully we can bump heads together!