Latest work\\\\

rigged dynamic car to be destroyed and flipped, rigged digi-double actors


rigged adorable deer to be shot, included muscles and facial rig


matchmoved truck for cg replacement


wolf and panther rigs for previous seasons, new and fun stuff coming soon!


crowd duplication for NYE times square shots


rigging supervisor, pipeline td, camera animation, vray lighting, vray shading

\\\\\\e3 trailer

rigged & animated truck, texture and shading work, lighting work -tractor trailer/mustang sequence


set up 30+ dynamic car rigs, set up pipeline for animation/dynamics/lighting to work in tandem, digi-double rigs, lighting and render support


characters....lots of em, matchmoving, any generalist work needed, love working on this show!

\\\\\\season finale

\\\\\\fun with lsd

animated plane , truck, and cameras


rigged the mech and other creatures for season two of falling skies. Redesigned the rigs for the skitters to be more streamlined.


Lead character td for most of the cg characters on once upon a time. Here are a few of my favorites:

\\\\\\dragon       \\\\\\caterpillar

\\\\\\pinnochio   \\\\\\wolf



Army of two game trailer -rigs

V season 1 and 2 - multiple character rigs

Black Eyed Peas game - mocap

The Cape - pilot - cloth and rigs

The Darkness game trailer -rigs and shatter dynamics

NFL on Fox robot - rig and mocap

Halex commercial - robot rig

Reckoning: Kingdom of Amular trailer - rigs, mocap,

Medal of honor trailers - rigs, mocap, vehicles

Nascar on ESPN commercial - drivers rigs, mocap

No Ordinary Family season 1 - rigs, mocap

Nissin noodles commercial -rig, facial performance capture, cloth

Overstock commercial - rig, pipeline

Prius commercial - digi-double rigs

Transformers game cinematics -rig support

The Best Player tv movie - rigs, animation, pipeline