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Emmy Noms!


So only a certain number of names can fit on a list, but that doesn't mean i can't celebrate shows with my characters in them getting nominated for emmy's!!

Competing against each other for the best special visual effects award are the Falling Skies pilot episode and Once Upon a Time's pinocchio episode

For the Falling Skies pilot i rigged the original skitters and the mech alien, check out a close-up of the mech here.​​

For Once Upon a Time i rigged the whale, rigged pinnochio, wrote a script that retargeted the mocap, and did facial rigging for pinnochio. I'm so proud of them ;) 

Falling Skies

​season two 7/24/2012

So I did a lot of fun work for the second season of falling skies, from bugs, to harnets, to overlords, we covered the full spectrum of alien goodness. The best part about these characters is that the biology is completely made up! So they all needed to have multiple systems, which meant multiple setups built into one master rig, a nice little challenge.

Here is a link to the sowbug that went from worm, to ball bearing, to flying creature

This is a teaser for the harness we did that was a slug, but also sprouted legs, calcified armor, and a mouth

I also got a chance to redesign the skitter rig for this season

Stay tuned for more as the season continues...



Premium Rush
its finally here! 7/23/2012

After a long wait, this movie is finally seeing a release!

We made about 30 different cg cars for Joseph Gordon Levitt and co. to ride through. I set up an export pipeline so that we could run previs, dynamics, and lighting simultaneously, and handled all of the car dynamics. Also got to lend a hand with lighting and rendering set ups.

check out the trailer, and then go see it! august 24th!

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