Senior Character Technical Director

18708 Gilmore st

Reseda CA 91335



To use the knowledge and experience gained to this point in my career to facilitate a user friendly and seamless pipeline. To manage the character pipeline from pre-vis to final frames. To never stop learning.


      Work Experience

Zoic Studios – June 2008 – Current

    Character TD, Cloth artist, Hair artist, vray lighter, generalist – staff artist, I create studio standard and custom rigs for characters, vehicles, and props, I also make tools, pipeline and show structures. I setup and run hair, cloth, smoke and fluid simulations. Manage motion capture from set to scene, create robust facial rigs that utilize both joints and blendshape modelling, and I also work as a lead artist managing teams lighting, shading, and optimizing render workflows.

    Working at Zoic has given me the opportunity to work in all fields where cg applies, episodic, features, commercials and games. As diverse as the project can be I have made my skills equally diverse. There is never a dull moment and I have had the unique opportunity to sharpen a wide range of talent.


Legion studios – June 2014 – Jem and the Holograms(2015)

Character TD, Animator, Lighter


Baked Fx, Haus studios, The Ant Farm, Portal: No Escape(short film) 2011-2013

    Freelance projects ranging from consulting to rigging, animation and lighting



Bachelor of Fine Arts – Savannah College of Art and Design


Major: 3D Animation


     Technical Skills

Character rigging, facial rigging, hair simulation, cloth simulation, rigid body dynamics, fluid dynamics, motion capture, python/mel, animation, Vray shading and lighting, blendshape modelling, cache pipeline, tools pipeline, tracking



Maya, MotionBuilder, Vray, Phoenix FD, Adobe Products, Golaem Crowd, Miarmy Crowd , Shave and a Haircut, Yeti, Krakatoa, Nuke, PTGui, Synteyes, Sublime, Shotgun, RV