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Scott Rosekrans - Character TD - Zoic Studios


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Shot list/reel breakdown:


1. Once Upon a Time - ep.122 dragon sequence - Responsible for rigging, deformations, simulations
2. Wonderland - Rigged white rabbit body and face, setup and simmed cloth on jacket pants and tie, simmed hair, facility cg lead artist for entire season
3. Once Upon a Time - ep 201 - wraith sequence - rigging and cloth sims
4. Hemlock Grove - Rigged wolf, muscle and skin simulation, hair simulation
5. At&t - Rigged dog, simulated skin for jowls
6. Once Upon a Time - ep.120 whale/pinocchio sequence - Rigged whale, cloth on pinnochio, rigged pinnochio for motion capture to be retargeted to ik rig, fully articulated face for both characters
7. Once Upon a Time - ep. 107 dragon sequence - Responsible for entire rig, full muscle system, wing and spike dynamics, facial rig
8. Army of Two - Both hero character rigs
9. Spyro Skylanders - Lead Character TD for 32 characters managing teams in 3 countries, pipeline overlord, and every aspect of full shot production (animation, lighting, cameras, ect) for in game cinematics (not shown)
10. Playstation All Stars Game intro - Rigging supervisor, hair and cloth simulation, lighting and rendering
11. Intel’s The Power Inside – Rigged moustache creatures, rigged dynamic hair systems using maya nHair, shave, and yeti.
12. Hemlock Grove – ep 201 – Cloth sim for human skin, rig for wolf head, simmed drool and blood
13. Once Upon a Time - ep. 203 - Rigged ogre, muscle and skin simulations, cloth
14. AMD - Big momma - rigged creature, muscle and skin simulation
15. Once Upon a Time/Wonderland caterpillar sequence - Responsible for entire rig/facial rig, tassle dynamics
16. Falling skies – Rigged multi-ped skitter and overlord alien creatures
17. FoxBot/Avatar promo - Built mocap/fk/ik rig for foxbot used in multiple seasons of tags for NFL on Fox
18. World of Warcraft/Mt. Dew - binding, cloth and hair dynamics, pipeline, lighting/rendering
19. Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amular - Skeleton and hero rigs driven by motion capture, scene setup and pipeline, Niskaru monster rig and dynamics
19. Once Upon a Time - ep.122 dragon sequence - Responsible for entire rig


music: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Push the Envelope




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